Starting in 2017, we have led the effort to provide Applied Behavior Analysis services to the Hawaii population in need. We have invested in our staff by ensuring they receive the highest quality supervision, training, and support. In return, their expertise and motivation is reflected in our client's progress towards treatment goals. 

Our Mission

Mau Loa Learning’s mission is to provide exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis services to the Hawaii community by training highly qualified people, using the most current data and research systems, building strong community partnerships, and helping our clients making meaningful changes in their lives.

WE aim to develop and increase socially valid behavior within our client's REPERTOIRE.

Areas of speciality  

  • Verbal Behavior, Language, & Communication

  • Food and Stimulus Aversions and Selectivity

  • Coping & Tolerance Skills

  • Play Skills

  • Self Help Skills

  • Independence Skills

  • Vocational Skills

  • Community Involvement

  • Leisure Skills

  • Safety Skills

  • Attending and Pre-Academic Skills

  • Severe Behavior Intervention

  • Social Skills

  • Behavioral Coaching

  • Nutrition and Health Programs